Girls Chronically Rock Podcast

I recently recorded my podcast on what is the correct term, “Disability or " Chronic illness”? I was speaking to a friend the other day and she said, she does not like when someone says to her, “you have a chronic illness.”
All of this time, I have been saying both. I wanted to hear your thoughts, opinions on this, and how you feel about it.
Please feel free to the podcast episode here.

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Each person will have a unique perspective and the choice is up to them. Personally,I prefer being referred to as a “person living (thriving) with…”

I am a lupus warrior, if I had to select from the options you gave I prefer chronic health conditions (instead of illnesses). Terminology is important and each individual has the right to choose how they prefer to be viewed.

My pronouns are she/her/hers.

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That makes total sense. I prefer chronic health conditions as you stated. Good point!!

In the dementia community we generally say someone is a ‘person living with dementia’ or PLWD for places in social media like Twitter that have tight limits on the number of characters one can use in a tweet or post.

Caregivers sometimes refer to themselves as care partners because of the incorrect imbalance implied in the relationship (one only gives & the other one only takes?!?! Not always true).

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